Review of Worx Landroid WG794 Robotic Lawn Mower


Do you remember when you had to waste your mornings mowing the lawn all on your own? Maybe you still have to go through all that hassle at the weekend, and now you've realized it's time for a robotic lawn mower upgrade. Something that takes all of the hard work out of mowing, and saves you time.

The only problem is: choosing the right machine. Even though there are many products in the market that promise the same amazing performance, we're going to let you know why the WORX Landroid robotic mower stands out and how it's a better investment for your lawn.

More Land Coverage

Land coverage is one of the biggest issues when it comes to lawn mowers. The good thing about Worx landriod is that is supports a pretty big area up to 10750 ft2, which is way bigger than other products charging you the same price.

Since the mower is designed to cover that much land. The manufacturers have equipped it with high quality metal blades that can trim the grass effectively for a long time. But still you get 9 replacement blades included in the package, whenever it's time for a replacement.

Perfect Solution for Bagging

The best part about Worx Landriod is that it doesn't only helps your lawn look good, but it also helps the soil to fertilize naturally. With this machine, there is no need to bag the grass clippings. Because it spreads the grass clipping continuously while giving it a trim, which helps to return nutrients back to the soil.

Zero Supervision Required

Another great thing about Worx Landriod WG 794 is that it is completely automatic, once it is setup. It can mow your lawn 7 days a week without you telling it to do anything. It knows the time you want it to mow, and the times you don't want it to, according to your desired settings.

Once you've set up the wire to create the boundaries your lawn mower won't stray from, you can sit back and do nothing. This is because it is able to make its way back home once it's finished with the lawn, and charges itself automatically for future operations.

You'll not have to hang around while it's working its magic. You might still feel obliged to stay close by when using other lawn mowers in case it rains, but the WORX Landroid will come home when it senses rain so it won't get damaged.

It Hardly Makes A Sound When Switched On

The annoying problem with lawn mowers is the noise they make, because it means you'll only be able to use them at certain times to keep your neighbors happy. But it won't be once you start using the WORX Landroid robotic lawn mower.

It's because it's almost silent when you switch it on, which means you can even expect it to work at night without making your neighbors call the police.

The Lawn Mower Is Capable Of Going Up Slopes

Not all gardens are created equal, and a lot of us have slopes a robotic lawn mower wouldn't be able to climb up. But with WORX Landroid it is not the case. This machine is capable of moving up and down 20-degree slopes, so you'll not have to worry about half your garden being left untouched.

It cuts corners with precision and navigates through narrow openings too, so you won't have to deal with anything manually.

A Built-In Shock Sensor System For Longevity

When you invest in any robotic lawn mower you expect it to last long, simply because no one has the excess time or money. To satisfy this need, the WORX Landroid has a shock sensor system built into it, which will allow the lawn mower to navigate its way around any obstacles.

Not only will it extend the life of your machine, but you also won't need to worry about tidying up the garden before you use it. It's the perfect choice for people with kids or pets, as there will always be something in the garden..

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• Almost silent operation
• Can climb up hills
• A battery means no toxic fumes
• Built-in security features
• Easy to change blades (spares included)
• Blades turn off when you lift the mower
• Has a rain sensor
• Has a shock sensor system
• Totally automatic
• Perfect solution for bagging
• Navigates through narrow passages


• It takes 45 minutes for full recharge

The WORX Landroid Robotic Lawn Mower Warranty

When you buy the WORX Landroid robotic lawn mower you'll automatically receive a 2 year warranty, and because they're a great company the customer service department will help you out even if you only need to troubleshoot problems.

Most people would consider 2 years a good deal, but it does get even better if you visit the Landroid website once you've bought your lawn mower. As soon as you've registered it on the website, you'll automatically be given a 1-year extension on your warranty.

Should You Buy The WORX Landroid?

While other robotic lawn mowers need complex configurations before you could them. Worx Landroid WG794 comes pre-programmed and is up for the task, as soon as the perimeter wire is setup. It will take out all the hard work for anyone who wants to do little as possible to keep the garden well-maintained all the time.

The programming in this robot is also fabulous since it can find its way out of narrow paths, while other products suffer from strange motions that keep them stuck in the narrow areas unless manual help is provided. Plus, the bagging solution provided by Worx Landriod makes it worth the investment.

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