Troy Bilt TB30R Lawn Mower Review


Riding lawn mowers are known to be far much quicker and efficient than "walk-behind" types or self-propelled lawn mowers. This is certainly one of the reasons which make them an excellent option for many homeowners with larger mowing fields. These machines are also a good option for homeowners with health related issues that make them incapable of pushing heavy objects or bring complications as a result of prolonged standing or walking.

One of the lawn mowers currently available in the market in this product category is the Troy Bilt TB30 R 420cc OHV 30-Inch Premium Neighborhood Riding Lawn Mower. In this article, I have elaborated some of its notable features, benefits, and cons to help make your buying decision easier.

420cc Premium Engine

This machine is equipped with a gas powered 420cc engine that provides maximum power at a relatively low fuel consumption rate. It can carry up to 1.3 gallons of gasoline, making it a good option for you if you are planning to use it on medium sized lawns. This engine is capable of providing a variable speed ranging from 1.5 mph to 4.25 mph.

Another benefit of this engine is that it comes with a 6-speed manual transmission setting which allows you to choose a preferred mowing pace. The manufacturer has also integrated an overhead valve on the engine to enhance fuel economy thus benefiting you by saving you a lot of money.

30 Inch Cutting Deck & 5 Cutting Height Setting

This machine has a large 30-inch cutting deck that allows you to make fewer passes while moving your lawns. This cutting deck also allows you to handle medium-sized lawns easily and quickly, reducing mowing time by up to 30 percent compared to a 21inch cutting deck. It also comes with a three in one die cast aluminum blade, which is exactly what you need to cut stubborn grass in your moving fields.
In addition to the above features, the manufacturer has integrated five different cutting height settings that enable you to achieve the exact grass size you want. This is a good feature that ultimately allows you to achieve a consistent well-manicured lawn.

3 in 1 Functionality

If you are looking for a 3 in 1 functionality lawn mower, Troy TB30 R might be what you're looking for. This machine can be used for mulching, side discharge or bagging operations. The mulching feature allows you to cut grass into fine pieces which you can spread across your moving field to act as mulch.

It comes with a bagging function and a sizeable collection bag to enable you to collect grass pieces. However, despite the manufacturer’s effort to include these two features, many users claim that they experience poor performance when bagging.

For side discharge operations, the machine comes with a side discharge feature which allows you to mow your field without having to worry about the need for scarification when you are done.

Ergonomic Construction

This riding mower comes with an ergonomic high back seat, speed lever placements, and a strategically steering wheel. These features greatly reduce the possible strain that might be inserted in your body while you are navigating through obstacles or when negotiating tight corners.

Safety Features

This is one of the lawn mowers in the market that comes with safety features that protect it against unsafe use. One of such features is an interlocking system that prevents you from switching on the machine’s engine when the parking brake is off.

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• Comes with six-speed manual transmission which provides a wide range of speed options
• The ergonomic design makes this machine an excellent option for those who may have health issues
• Fuel display feature which makes it easy to keep track of gasoline consumption
• Very good when discharging clippings to the side
• Comes with safety locks that protect the machine against unsafe usage
• It is cheaper than other models of similar size.

• Not so good while bagging
• With a small cutting path, this mower is not built for large-sized lawns


The manufacturer offers a 2-year limited warranty which provides extensive coverage for the workmanship of covered components or defects in materials.


Troy TB30 R lawn mower is neither the fastest nor the most powerful lawn mower in the market. Simply because it doesn't costs like one. But it is still best suited for medium-sized yards with fairly leveled terrains. And if your budget is small, this lawn mower can come up big because it performs better than some other pricey mowers.

In terms of overall performance, it scores two out of three. A lawn mower is said to have a very good performance when the mulching, side discharging and bagging operations come out good. This mower scores high on the first two but scores less on the third function.

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