Robomow RC306 Robotic Lawn mower Review


There comes a time that we get tired of the grass in our compounds. But as we all know, without proper equipment, taking good care of the lawn requires some serious effort. If this situation sounds relatable to you, worry no more! Because this is where the Robomow RC306 Robotic Lawn mower comes in with a solution.

First of all, the best part buying a robotic lawn mower is: no manual supervision. Yes, this machine is totally independent, it cuts the grass on its own returns to its base station, and waits for its next designated operation.

 This beast of a machine is all you need to take care of your lawn related chores, without actually doing nothing. So in this review, I am going to inform you more about what a 21st century Robotic Lawn mower is capable of.
Robomow Rc306 review

  The Base Station

The base station is pretty much what it sounds: it is the base where the mower rests in between the mowing operations that you configured it to perform. It is also is the place where the mower gets itself charged automatically. Your are recommended to not install the base station on a slope or near a sprinkler, but in a shady place in your backyard.

 Multiple Zones

This feature has impressed many customers who are currently using the machine. Multiple zones are designed in a way that they mow differently. This implies that, different zones of the garden can have different types and lengths of the grass cut. Also, you do not need to to make any kind of changes physically once robomow enters different zones. All these settings are only required once, before using the lawn mower for the first time.

 Rain Sensor

Just when you start thinking this robomow is smart, it gets even better! I'm talking about the rain sensor in this machine. Like I said before, the main thing in this mower that makes it worth buying is that it needs no supervision. And the manufacturers know that. Which is why, this mower is capable of sensing rain and aborting its operations even when you're out on a vacation. This prevents rusting and any other damages that may harm the mower as a result of rain.

 More Coverage Area Ability

This robot mower has an ability to mow up to 6400 square feet of area. This is a very large area as compared to the previous robomows. It has double wheels buffered with a mowing blade which is large enough to cover a such large area ensuring better coverage. At the same time, the mower can easily detect the previously mowed lanes and set paths close to them. Thus, it covers the whole area completely without leaving patches.

 Child Lock

The machine is installed with applicable safety measures during operation. This feature prevents children or other persons unfamiliar with the machine from harming themselves or to stop unauthorized use.

The Pros and Cons Associated with the Mower

- It has a large capacity to mow large areas up to 6500 sq ft
- Requires no supervision
- Can cut any terrain, high grass and occasional branches
- Can cut blades of grass from 15mm to 60mm high
- Can abort operations while its raining
- Child lock
- Base station charges the batteries automatically
- Can mow up to 50 minutes with fully charged batteries
- Multiple zone mowing capability
- Robomow can be controlled with smartphone app

- The battery takes 70 minutes to fully charge
- First time setup can be tedious while setting perimeter wire

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The mower has a 1-Year warranty from the manufacturer. However, you may have extended warranty available during the purchase. With this warranty, you can be sure to get any repairs or replacement for free from the manufacturer.

If you're looking for something that takes away the manual labor from lawncare , roborrow rc306 is one of the best machines you can spend your money on. The mower is designed to work with minimal supervision, and this is the main deal making feature for this product.

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