Raven MPV 7100 Hybrid Lawn Mower Review


raven mpv 7100 hybrid mower review

Ride-on lawn mowers are a lot of fun when they are strong and manageable enough to do the job. With the raven mpv 7100 l, Raven America have tried to enhance some of the fun elements – such as the driving mechanics and speed – while creating an impressive, professional lawn mower/vehicle/generator. This 3-in-1 model is out to impress a wide range of potential customers and there are plenty of features and benefits that have users talking.

What can buyers expect from this raven mpv 7100 lawn mower? - At a glance

It is all about adaptability with this 3-in-1 beast. This is why Raven America have made it so easy to remove the cutting deck, provided 10 adjustable cutting heights on the mower and allowed for an electric start as well as the gasoline engine. In addition to this, it also designed to be efficient – with an improved vacuum and mulch system – and has tough ATV-style shocks and an impressive suspension system. This raven mpv 7100 lawn mower review will take a closer look at the three separate functions and some of the other key features.

The Mower: quick, clean cuts with a strong removable deck.

features of raven mpv 7100
First and foremost, this massive machine is designed to mow the lawn in an effective manner thanks to
the use of the tough 46" removable fabricated deck and those adjustable cutting heights. Even though this machine is large and heavy – which can make the unboxing process tricky – you should find that it is able to cover the most uneven lawns and slopes with ease for a clean, efficient cut. You will notice that it is slower on longer, unkempt grass, but this is true of many lawn mowers and it is not so bad that it effects the performance.

The Vehicle: user-friendly controls for expert maneuverability.

Another surprising benefit, considering the bulk of this slightly obnoxious machine, is that it is highly maneuverable. The key selling point here is the use of the 14’’ turning radius for tight turns, but the addition of the reverse mowing capability is also a big help for going over areas you may have missed. In addition to this, this cruise-control enabled vehicle handles like a car with an intuitive steering wheel and pedal system, which makes it a little less intimidating.

The Generator: 7,100 watts for reliable power wherever it is needed.

Turning this mower into a 3-in-1 model with a working generator was a stroke of genius for those of us that have a lot of difficult yard work to do. This 7,100 generator provides power to the blades, but can also power tools and batteries via the outlets with the promise that is can “handle most anything you will need”. Users have even taken this generator out camping and claim that it ran their trailer.

Hook up a trailer for improved functionality around the yard or work site.

raven 7100 review
On the subject of using this mower/generator for bigger outdoor projects, this model has a 550 lb towing capacity so that you can easily drag all those power tools, materials and other items behind you. It is a bit annoying that the trailer is sold separately, but this is the case with many lawn mowers and it could be worth the additional cost if you are using this # professionally. Users have attached trailers with ease for goods transportation – or sometimes to just give children a ride around the garden.

Reach impressive new speeds with the 420cc gasoline motor.

You might expect that this big, heavy machine is a bit slow with this big generator and all these parts to haul around but Raven America claim that it can actually reach speeds up to 17 mph. What is interesting about this claim is that there are actually buyers that claim that they have gone even faster and say that this makes it even more fun to drive. You won’t win any lawn mower races in this thing , but it can help to get across a large site with ease and make short work of a lawn.

Go electric for a quieter, greener ride.

One of the interesting elements to this mower/generator/ATV is that there is the option to use the fully electric direct drive cutting system instead of the gasoline. The first benefit is that this sends power directly to the blades, although this mode does struggle on tougher grass. The second benefit is that this electric mode means that it doesn’t make a lot of noise, which is ideal in more built-up neighborhoods where people may complain.

Tough materials and features mean a long life for years to come.

Raven mpv 7100 mower
The final benefit to mention here is one that cannot be stressed enough – this is a tough machine with
some strong parts. In addition to the aforementioned guards and suspension, the unit is reinforced with strong welds for improved durability. The only potential it that you will need to keep up with regular maintenance, such as oil changes and cleaning, to keep it in prime condition.

What sort of warranty do you get with the raven mpv 7100?

To start with, you need to register this product at Ravenamerica.com in order to receive complementary cover. The basic warranty is in place for 3 years from the date of purchase, which is ideal if there are any problems with the fuel lines or breakages, but there are some disputes over some items and the battery is not covered for a long. The company claim that they will repair and replace at their discretion and it seems that consumers have varying experiences here.

The final verdict

The size, power and 3-in-1 function of this impressive machine mean that it is far to OTT for most homeowners, but it does have a lot of potential for landscape gardeners and other professionals that need something tough, powerful and efficient. The mower cuts the grass with ease at a high speed, the generator offers remote power with reliability and the vehicle handles surprisingly well. Raven America have thrown a lot at this raven mpv 7100 lawn mower to make it interesting and effective and it seems to have paid off.

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