HUSQVARNA Z246 Review - Zero Turn Mower


Grass mowing has never been made such easy on big properties like it is today with the latest lawn mowers. Even the mowers that were designed to mow big lawns, took forever to do the job.

Luckily today, mowers have evolved in characteristics and capacity. They can mow bigger lawns with precision at high speeds. While a lot is available today in terms of mowing machines i.e; Robotic mowers, tow-behind mowers, walk-behind mowers and ride-on mowers. The best machines for bigger lawns are the Riding lawn mowers.

One of which is the HUSQVARNA Z246. This mower has impressed many people with its capacity and features. This review aims at guiding you make a decision whether its the right mower for your land or not.

1) Productivity: 2.4 acres/hr
2) Max speed: 6.5 miles/hr
3) Cutting Width: 46 inches
4) Weight: 580 lbs
5) Power: 23 hp
6) Fuel type: Gasoline
7) Fuel tank capacity: 3.5 gal (US)
8) Cutting Height: 1.5 to 4 inches

1. Broad Cutting Width and Zero Turns

This mower can cut grass comfortably in 46 inches width. Therefore, with it, you can be able to cut grass in a large area within a short period of time. Thus, the mower makes your work easy. You do not have to spend the whole day on a single task.

Moreover this is a zero turn mower. Whcih means it has a zero turning radius that facilitates sharp and quick turns which saves you a lot of effort and time in big areas.

2. Top Speed while Mowing

The mower has a top speed of 6.5 miles per hour. I know, 6.5 miles/hour might not sound fast, but it's still a mower not a super car. And with this speed, the mower is able to cut 2.4 acres of grass an hour. This capacity makes it reliable for fast mowing on big properties.

3. Hydrostatic Transmission

The mower is enhanced with Hydro Gear EZT Hydrostatic. Thus, it is easy for you to control its movement and also to regulate the blade during mowing. You do not have to push the mower like the other mowers. Rather, you sit on the driving slot and operate it from there.

At the same time, this mower can easily mow in the reverse motion. With its drive system, which is enhanced with a reversed gear, you are able to go for reversed mowing. Thus, you can ride backwards to re-mow any area which you think needs more trimming.

Also, it has a fuel capacity of 3.5 gallons. With this fuel, you do not have to spend time refueling regularly. This is because; the fuel can last for over 4 hours covering over 10 acres of land to be mowed. This makes the mowing operation more effective.

4. Effective Trash Discharge via Discharge Chute

After cutting the grass and other weeds, the mower has different ways of discharging the trash. You may put the grass on one side, mulch it, or even bag it. Thus, it is up to you to decide whether you need to collect grass after mowing or whether you want it to remain as mulching.

5. Flexibility

The mower is designed in a way that, the wheels are placed well a distance from the entire body of a mower. At the same time, the wheels are lubricated and tightly fit. Thus, the mower is able to mow easily over flat areas and uneven areas too.

The mower has been recommended for mowing over the slopped terrains. With its 580lbs weight, the mower is stable to avoid back-sliding.

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Pros and Cons of Using HUSQVARNA Z246 lawn mower


1) It has a comfortable seat to operate on.

2) The bagger collection system prevents clogging of grass and other trash on the wheels or the blade.

3) Its lengthy warranty allows you to confidently familiarize with it without fear.

4) It has a large fuel capacity.

5) The steel mowing deck makes the mower stable.

6) It's a zero turn mower

7) Can handle big lawns with ease and speed

8) Mulching, Side-discharge, Rear bag capable

9) It can mow backwards


1) The engine and the blade are associated with noise and air pollution.


The mower comes with a 3-Year Consumer Warranty. Enabling you to invest in this mower more confidently.


This mower has delivered an experience of simplicity and work ability to many customer. The seat and the hydrostatic transmission have been designed to allow easy operation on bigger properties. At the same time, its speed and friendly fuel consumption makes it a perfect product for land owners.

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