GreenWorks 25022 12 Amp Corded 20-Inch Lawn Mower Review


GreenWorks 25022 mower review
Before investing any money in lawn mowers it is really important to know which machine best suits your property and budget. Because you don't want to lose your money on a $2000 mower that is built to mow acres of land, when you own a small lawn!

Talking about mowers for small lawns and gardens; walk-behind mowers are the best option. Simply because they are built for small lands, and are cheaper than others mowers.

One of  which is: The GreenWorks 25022 walk-behind mower. It is a powerful machine that features aerodynamic build and larger rear wheels making it easier to navigate. It is versatile and comes out of the box completely assembled and all that is needed to plug in the cord start and cutting your grass (even wet grass). It is a 3 in 1 mower with plenty of features, all discussed below.


It runs on a 12 amp motor. It is strong enough to cut through very thick grass with the greatest of ease. It is operated electrically so you are going to need a cord as the one on the lawnmower is very short. This means you do not have to keep gas on hand for the lawnmower anymore.

20 Inch Cutting Deck

The cutting is done with a 20 inch cutting deck that gets the grass cut fast and efficiently. With this wide deck the job is done quickly. The deck doesn't needs to be sharpened before first use. You can use it straight away after unboxing. It is sturdy, durable and easily changeable when the need arises.

3-in-1 Options

Since everyone has different tastes and likeness when it comes to our land. This mower lets you choose what you want to be done. Grass clippings can be mulched (mulching plug located under rear discharge cover) for the compost heap. It can be discharged out the side to be processed back into the ground naturally or it can be caught by the rear catcher after being mulched or before if you just want to throw it out easily. Whatever you need to do with your grass, the 3 in 1 functionality won't leave you disappointed.

GreeWorks lawn mower review

Height adjustment

It has 7 height settings to accommodate any type of grass and your preference. This seems like an unimportant setting but it could mean life and death to your grass. Cut it too deep and some of the roots may be damaged, especially if the lawn was left too long and more of the roots start growing on top of the soil at the base of your hip- high grass.

Weight and dimensions

With a weight of 56 lbs, you might feel it is very heavy and less easily maneuvered. But moving this machine on 4 wheels can easily be done without taking a day off the gym.  The dimensions of 18 inches long x 16.13 inches wide x 26.88 inches tall makes it compact enough for easy access into various areas. It will fit into spaces that you will find in your standard garden but for smaller areas you are going to struggle to get the mower to fit. It folds up to be stored easily.

With 7 inch front wheels and 10 inch rear wheels it has quite a sporty look and this stance aids in the manageability of the mower as it is quite heavy. These wheels are all made from durable plastic and is sure to last for a long time to come. They help to move the mower around even when it is folded.

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Pros and cons

· It makes mulching a breeze.
· It leaves no gas emissions.
· It comes with a collection bag for the rear as well as a side discharge chute.
· Height is easily adjustable with one lever.
· Easily foldable for storage.
· It is environmentally friendly.
· No struggling with pull cords and gas.
· It needs less maintenance than its gas counterparts.
· It's cheaper than other mowers

· You have to lug a cord around.
· It is open so it gets dirty quickly. Has to be cleaned regularly.
· The catcher bag allows grass to be blown out the top.
· It need a cord which you have to buy additionally.

Warranty Details 
It comes with a 4 year limited warranty. (Twice the industry standard)

In conclusion
I believe this mower to be mostly practical and more than capable of doing its job. The bad design of the collection bag should not make much problem since many would scatter the cuttings back onto the lawn with the side discharge chute and let nature takes its course. With its 3 in 1 functionality and the 20 inch deck, it is one of the best affordable mowers available for small lawns.

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